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Used RP Machines

AT 3D-SQUARED offers a consultancy service, whereby it is able to buy used RP machines, to order, on behalf of its clients. Beyond the purchase transaction however, AT 3D-SQUARED can also upgrade/improve the functionality of the machines that they buy. In real terms this means significant improvements in the build styles of the machines and the machines throughout capabilities.


As an alternative to the purchasing of capital equipment, the consultants of AT 3D-SQUARED are able to advise clients on the potential advantages of leasing an SLA machine.

NEW for 2015! @3D's Repair Service

We are now offering a new Repair Service for 3D Systems SLA250™ Machines

Powered by Materialise Build Processor & Machine Control Software, our Repair Service will take your existing technology and give it a second life.

After @3D's Repair Service, your Stereolithography machine will reintegrate easily into your current production environment and will:

* Be fully configurable, as well as faster, more accurate, easier to run and maintain
* Offer complete freedom in resin choice
* Provide High Resolution and High Speed modes
* Offer High Res and Normal Res on the same build

With real-time monitoring and automatic build preparation, your repaired machine will enable you to manage and optimize your 3D Printing process to its full potential.

SLA250² Specifications

Repair based on a 3DSystems SLA250™

Laser 355nm - 300mW  
Resolution down to 0.075mm on standard hardware  
Spot Size 0.06 > 1mm  
Material Open to use ANY SL material  
Software @3D Build Processor
SL250² Machine Control Software
Network Ethernet 10/100  
Power 100-240 VAC, 50/60Hz, 900W  
Temp Range 18 > 28ºC  
Noise (estimated)   0dB  
Crated   Size: 152 x 102 x 195cm Weight: 466Kg
Un-Crated   Size: 126 x 70 x 172cm Weight: 329Kg


Now available for the SLA500/5000 & 7000™ Any questions then please contact us or telephone: +44 (0) 7789 713087

Fore more information about these options for in-house RP facilities, contact us.