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Freda the Clydesdale Horse
Exclusive Interview with Andrew Allshorn: Unveiling His Journey and Innovations

Dive into the insightful conversation between Andrew Allshorn and interviewer Jenny Chen, showcased on the prestigious 3D Heals website. This article provides a comprehensive exploration of Andrew's remarkable career, starting from his graduation at Wolverhampton Art School, weaving through his diverse professional experiences, and culminating in his current role at AMUG.

In this candid interview, Andrew shares the highlights of his journey, leading up to his role as a speaker at the virtual event, "3D Printing for Veterinary Medicine." The discussion delves into the intriguing story behind Andrew's bespoke hoof gasket, a groundbreaking creation that saved the life of Freda, a beloved shire horse. Their unique bond has transformed them into the best of friends, adding a heartwarming dimension to Andrew's tale.

This article offers an honest and open portrayal of Andrew's experiences and innovations. Experience the fascinating narrative firsthand by reading the interview below:


Congratulations to the #CoolPartsAwards 2023 Winners

CoolpartsShow Winners

We are thrilled to extend our congratulations to the winners of the prestigious #CoolPartsAwards 2023! Each entry showcased the incredible talent and creativity that drives progress in the world of 3D printing.

While Andrew didn't secure the victory this time, we want to express our gratitude to everyone who rallied behind him. Your support and votes made a significant impact, emphasising the importance of recognising individuals who make a positive difference in the world.

Please read our full article 'Celebrating Innovation and Excellence at the #CoolPartsAwards 2023' via the link below:

Cool Parts Show Article

2023 The Cool Parts Showcase Finalists

2023 The Cool Parts Showcase Finalists


Andrew is delighted to have been nominated as a finalist in the #CoolParts awards for 2023 Best Bespoke Solution which features the Custom Horse Hoof Gasket he designed and created for Freda the Shire Horse which subsequently saved this magnificent animal's life.

Online voting will be open until 30th August and attendees will also be able to vote in person at Formnext Forum.

2023 The Cool Parts Showcase Finalists

Read the full details Á finalists on their website here: www.additivemanufacturing.media/kc/cool-parts/showcase/finalists.

VOTE NOW on the link below (opens a new window)


Additive Manufacturing UK are exhibiting at TCT 3Sixty!

TCT knowledgebar

AMUK are powerig the TCT Knowledgebar at TCT 3SIXTY 2023 at the NEC Birmingham on 7-8th June 2023.

If you need advice on which 3dprinting process will best suit your companies requirements, then feel free to come and discuss your options with one of the #impartial industry experts.

I will be manning the #knowledgebar from 1400 too 1500. Look forward to meeting everybody at #tct3sixty.

Looking forward to hearing everyone's thoughts on this subject in particular:

TCT knowledgebar

Read the full details on their website on the link below (opens and new window).


'Innovators on Innovators' TCT Podcast

TCT Mag Podcast

On the latest Additive Insight podcast, Andy Allshorn & Pat Warner reflect on introducing 3D printing to the motorsport sector.

From Andrew: "This was so much fun to do 🙌🏻 Two good friends chatting about all of the #Applications and challenges that we worked on, developed and faced over the past 20+ years.

It was made a lot easier by the fact that we both #thinkoutsidethecube, are always #pushingboundaries and never listen to people saying "that isn't possible"

Listen onto the full episode on the link below (opens a new window).


The 10 Most Inspiring Leaders to Watch in 2023

Primeview Cover

Andrew has made the front cover of PrimeView magazine as one of 10 Most Inspiring Leaders to Watch in 2023. This is a fantastic acknowledgement and the article goes into great depth about Andrew's 3 decade long career to date and his aspirations for the future ...

Read the full article on primeview.co (link below)


Chance meeting leads to 3D Scanning project

Artist Michael Carter, USA

Sometimes, the best projects happen in the most unusual way! When CREATE Education’s Ambassador, Andy Allshorn had a chance meeting with artist Micheal Carter in a lift in an American store, he didn’t realise that it would lead to an interesting 3D scanning project using the Einscan Pro range... Read the full article on createeducation.com (link below)


AT 3D-SQUARED featured in HORSE & HOUNDS Magazine

Freda the Clydesdale Horse
Clydesdale’s canker cured thanks to top farriery – and 3D printed plates

If you have been following our news you will already know about the intervention that saved Freda the Clydesdale Horse's life by finding a 3D Printed solution to allow poor Freda's hoof to heal after it was badly infected with canker. As a last ditch effort Andrew created a protective cover involving a detailed process of problem solving and modifications including the use of different properties to ensure the least discomfort and effective healing.

Freda has since made a full recovery and Andrew (an animal lover himself) has in fact become quite attached to her and calls in to visit her and the riding school.

We're pleased to now hear the story has been featured in the HORSE & HOUND magazine which you can read on the link below:



Green Laser Sintering from AT 3D SQUARED

To enquire about this service, please get in touch

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3DPOD Episode 95

3DPOD Episode 95
3D Printing Problem Solver Andrew Allshorn Talks 3D-Squared, AMUG and More

Founder of 3D-Squared Andrew Allshorn began as a model maker before running one of the first stereolithography (SLA) machines in the U.K. He’s an inventive problem-solver who has tackled a lot of challenges in his many years in additive manufacturing. He’s worked extensively in SLA, but also hacks his own fused deposition machines and has worked for years in metalizing polymer parts. We could have probably done six podcasts with Andrew's stories and experience in consulting for 3D-Squared, his work at the Additive Manufacturing Users Group and much much more. We loved doing this and hope that you learn from Andrew just like we did.

Listen to the podcast on the 3dprint.com website, link below:

3DPOD: Insight from 3D Printing Pros

Horse Saved with 3D Printing Makes for the Best Christmas Present Ever

3D Printing saves horses life
An amazing story involving intervention that saved a horse's life

Stable owners Anne and Kevin, very attached to their 15-year old Clydesdale horse Freda and had spent over £2,000 on vet bills yet failed to overcome equine canker, a bacterial infection that infects the hoof. Traditional methods of treatment had failed and all seemed hopeless until Andrew stepped in as a last ditch attempt to find a solution to keep the hoof dry to allow healing. No stranger to problem solving, Andrew found a way using specialist equipment and materials to 3D model and print two custom made shoes that would be sealed shut. This combined with the expert medical treatment and care from the farrier allowed healing to take place and on Christmas Eve 2021 the good news was confirmed! This really highlights just how positive and useful 3D printing can be when it is used to iteratively and quickly come up with an exact solution for a precise problem.

You can read this full heartwarming article in more depth on the 3dprint.com website, link below:

Horse Saved with 3D Printing

New British Standard Publication

Andrew Allshorn, PAS 6001 publication
PAS 6001 British Standard Document has been Published

Andrew has been involved with the creation of a British Standard Document - PAS 6001, Factors to be considered in making and assessing the business case for additive manufacturing and 3D printing. You can learn all about it, what it's for and who its aimed at plus you can download a copy, free of charge from the BSI shop:

Download Here

TCT Awards - The Judges

Andrew Allshorn, TCT Judge
TCT Awards - Meet the Judges

The TCT Awards are judged by leaders of the industry. Known as the Expert Advisory board, this collection of established 3D technology veterans from across different industries and disciplines review and judge the finalists from each of the different awards categories, as well as nominating inductees for the prestigious TCT Hall of Fame.

Link below to the TCT Awards website where you can read Andrew's (and other judges) personal biography (opens a new window):


Developing Skills Required for the Future of Manufacturing

Developing Skills Required for the Future of Manufacturing
Andrew has contributed to an article Featured on the Create Education Project Website

“I was first introduced to 3D Printing some 27 years ago. As an artist, its been interesting to see how few people with arts backgrounds are in the 3D Printing industry. Creativity and design thinking come easily to me as an artist and this ability has enabled me to help solve many applications for engineers and OEMs on their use of 3D Printing. I’m passionate to promote STEAM education, as Art is just as important as any other subject. The youth in the UK are the Designers, Engineers and Artists of the future and we need to give them access to the amazing tool that is 3D Printing and the opportunities that this presents across all sectors of industry.” Andrew Allshorn – Owner of AT 3D-Squared LTD, Vice President of AMUG and CREATE Education Ambassador

Click below to read the full article:

CREATE Education Article

New CREATE Education Ambassador Announcement

CREATE Ambassador Announcement
Andrew is delighted to undertake this honoured role. The announcement was published as follows:

"We're excited to announce Andrew Allshorn as one of our new CREATE Education Ambassadors!. Andrew is a long-time proponent of the additive manufacturing and 3D printing industry, Andrew’s career working with and implementing additive technologies spans three decades. Since 2007, Andrew has run his own successful businesses within the industry and in 2019, he became the first-ever European Vice President and Director of AMUG. He recently facilitated our #InspiredMinds panel at the TCT Show for the duration of the event and was key to making it a resounding success!"

Click to read the full article on Linkedin below:

CREATE Announcement

AMUG Newsletter July 2019

AMUG Newsletter
Honored to be on the Team

The AMUG Conference has always been a very important part of my year for as long as I can remember, and I have enjoyed every second. Getting involved with the group is something that I have enjoyed immensely, whether it was bag stuffing, being a track leader, or being a Global Ambassador, and now it is my great honor to be a vice president. Giving back to our industry has been, and will continue to be, one of the most rewarding parts of my career.....

Click below to read Andrew's full article (3rd down) and the full AMUG July 2019 Newsletter below:

AMUG July News

AMUG New Board Announcement

AMUG New Board Announcement

The nine-member board of the Additive Manufacturing Users Group will assume its leadership role on July 1 2019. The board consists of member-elected and officer-appointed positions.

The 2019-2020 AMUG Board. Front row (L to R): Leslie Frost, Gary Rabinovitz, Jamie Cone, and Todd Grimm. Back row (L to R): Andrew Allshorn, Vince Anewenter, Tom Sorovetz, Carl Dekker, and Paul Bates.

Andrew is really looking forward to his role in working even closer with the members who he considers great friends and an amazing team.

Read the full article here:

AMUG New Board Announcement

AMUG Newsletter 2019

AMUG Newsletter

Andrew is featured twice in this month's AMUG newsletter including the announcement that in addition to his role of Global Ambassador, he just became the first ever International Vice President of AMUG. A fantastic achievement and proud step forward!

Read the full article here:

AMUG April 2019 News

New Partnership Announcement

G.W. Consultancy and AT 3D SQUARED Partnership

G.W.Consultancy strengthens and extends its consultancy services by signing a partnership with AT 3DSQUARED

G.W.Consultancy and AT 3D SQUARED collaborate with a shared vision: "our objective is to advance AM/3D Printing to the next level". German based, G.W.Consultancy specialises in Carbon Composite Production Consultancy, Additive Manufacturing Consultancy, Kaizen Consultancy, offers an Extended Consultancy Service to support research and development of customer projects or simply benchmarking with Somos® PerFORM Reflect and Somos® Next with an in-house Viper Si². G.W.Consultancy has established a partnership with AT 3D-SQUARED. Through the agreement, G.W.Consultancy and AT 3D-SQUARED will technically support each other in all European Territories.

To read the full press release on our exciting new partnership, please download the pdf below:

Download Press Release

Legacy SLA Machine Repairs and Spares

AT 3D SQUARED for SLA Machine Repairs and Spares

SLA Machine Servicing, Repair and Maintenance AT3D SQUARED

Manufacturing Excellence

AT 3D SQUARED on the Executive TV 'Manufacturing Excellence' programme

The UK is internationally recognised as being a leader in innovation and quality. While there has been a great deal of change in the past decades, Britain's engineering sector has maintained it's place as a world leader by embracing agile business practises and advanced manufacturing techniques.

This program brings together three of the UK's leading manufacturers: metal casting specialists Brafe; precision engineers Threadmaster Gauges; and rapid prototyping experts 3D-SQUARED.

This program was originally broadcast July 22nd 2018.

LJMU 2018: Product Design Engineering Show

Andrew Allshorn presenting Philip Mawdsley with Product Design Engineering Student of the Year Award - 2018

Another really enjoyable PDE Show took place at LJMU yesterday evening. Students displaying their design work from each year group mingled with industrialists, academics and invited guests in this event that was presented with the support of the SolidWorks (NW) User Group. Many prizes were won and awards presented including:

1st Year Student Best in Show to Elliot Dunson
2nd Year Student Best in Show to Conor Summers
3rd Year Student Best in Show to Alexandra Good

The evening was capped off by the presentation of the award for PDE Student of the Year. This was won by Philip Mawdsley for his overall academic achievements and his tireless work in setting up and running the LJMU Product Design Engineering Design Society and supporting many other course initiatives over his 4 years on the programme. Well done Philip and thank you.

This prestigious award was presented by Andrew Allshorn (founder of 3D Squared) and a close friend and supporter of the PDE programme over many years. Thanks to all those that supported and attended the event.

Article written by/credited to Adam Papworth, which you can read in full on LinkedIn here: LJMU 2018 Article

We're on TV!

AT 3D SQUARED on the Executive TV 'Manufacturing Excellence' programme

Andrew is excited to feature on an upcoming Executive TV 'Manufacturing Excellence' programme.

Dates for broadcast are: Sunday 10th June and Sunday 1st July @ 10.30(am) on SKY digital channel 185

The program will be made available to watch on www.executivetv.org/engineering-excellene after the final broadcast.

DINO Award 2018 Presentation

Fried Vancraen DINO Award Presentation

What a great honour it was to be asked to present Fried Vancraen, CEO of Materialise with his DINO at AMUG 2018.

It has been a pleasure working together with him and his company for 20 years plus.

To read the full article 'Additive Manufacturing Users Group Awards DINO's' please click below:

AMUG 2018 DINO Awards

AT 3D SQUARED has relocated!

AT 3D SQUARED New Workshop!

We are pleased to announce we have relocated our HQ to a new facility in Kendal, Cumbria. Our new address is:
The Workshop
Bleaze Farm
Old Hutton
Kendal, Cumbria