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TCST Recoater Blade

AT 3D SQUARED is a reseller of the TCST Removable Recoater System for stereolithography (SLA) machine platforms.

The TCST system allows the reservoir of the blade within the machine to be removed, cleaned and replaced - even in mid-build - without changing the blade-gap or rake settings.

One of the immediately obvious advantages of this system is that it enables faster resin swaps and can be purchased with multiple blade-reservoirs that allow the user to remove a blade for cleaning and immediately replace it with another; thus ensuring minimum down-time of the SLA machine at any time.


  • Fits all large-frame SLA Systems
  • No modifications are necessary to the recoating system
  • The blade-reservoir is completely removable
  • All blade-gap and rake settings are undisturbed
  • Multiple blade-reservoirs are available for fast turnaround
  • Can help save builds by enabling blade change-over mid-build in the event of a crash
  • Quick-connect vacuum fitting
  • Large viewing window on both sides

For more information about the TCST Removable Recoater Blade system; please contact us.